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Privacy Notice
Relating to Collection, Usage and Disclosure Concerning HR Management

Thai Union Group PCL. and its affiliates in Thailand (“TU Group”) would like to provide information related to TU Group’s policy on Personal Data protection concerning Human Resource Management including but not limited to how the personal data of employee, staff or candidate will be collected, used and disclosed in accordance with provisions of the Personal Data Protection Act, EU General Data Protection Regulation and other applicable laws and regulations. This Notice provide important information in the following area:

     1. Objectives for Personal Data Collection

TU Group will collect, use and disclose your Personal Data for management and administrative purposes in order to ensure that TU Group is able to run the business with you appropriately, effectively and lawfully throughout the recruitment process, during your employment at TU Group and after the time when your employment ended. TU Group will also use your Personal Data to comply with any legal requirements, to fulfill obligation under contracts, to pursue the legitimate interests and to protect TU Group in the event of legal proceedings. You are free to decide whether you will allow TU Group to collect your Personal Data. However, please kindly note that if you decide not to provide your Personal Data, you may not be able to earn some certain benefits i.e. TU Group may have insufficient information to entering into a contract with you or perform our obligations or commitments in some circumstances. Now therefore, TU Group would like to inform about the objectives of collecting, using and disclosing your Personal Data as follows:

  • To identify of your identity;
  • To consider job position, work, hiring contract and appropriate training program;
  • To calculate salary, promotion, wages, welfares, employee benefits and social security;
  • To conduct surveys i.e. working standards, work procedures, work efficiency analysis, staff relations and engagement at work (the collected information often be anonymous, but in some cases, it may include profiling data such as age to support the analytic;
  • For planning, managing and carrying out restructuring or redundancies or other changes including providing appropriate consultant, selection, alternative employment searches and related management decisions;
  • For the performance of the obligation under contract to which you are a party, or in order to take steps at your request before and after entering into a contract with TU Group;
  • For internal communication, public relations and other communications through appropriate channels;
  • To support HR administration and management and other related objectives including maintaining and processing necessary records for staffs and, to operate employee contract and service contract. Inspections by customers, certified organisations and government agencies;
  • For preventing or suppressing a danger to a person’s life body and health;
  • To consider permission to access information within TU Group and permission to access TU Group’s buildings and areas, and TU Group’s properties, plants and equipment;
  • To ensure compliance related to the implications of Labour Law, Data Protection Law, Public Health Law, Tax Law and other relevant laws;
  • To establish, exercise or defense of legal rights or claims as necessary;
  • To ensure compliance with the law and achieve the purpose with respect to preventive medicine or occupational medicine, the assessment of working capacity of the employee, medical diagnosis, the provision of health or social care, medical treatment, employment protection and other public interests;
  • To comply with lawful requests by public authorities or where otherwise required or permitted by applicable laws, court orders, government regulations, or regulatory authorities whether regional or international;
  • To perform TU Group’s task for public interests, or it is necessary for the exercising of official authority vested into a contract;
  • To pursue TU Group legitimate interests, for example to prevent fraud or reporting potential crimes.

     2. Collected Data

For objectives as specified above, TU Group is required to collect, use and disclose your Personal Data as follows:

  • Personal details such as name, surname, photo, gender, birthday, ID number, passport number, visa, work permit, educational background, racial, ethnic origin, religious or philosophical beliefs and criminal record;
  • Personal identification such as facial recognition data, fingerprint recognition data and signature recognition data;
  • Health data;
  • Information related to work such as time stamp, disciplinary record, termination, training record, employee annual assessment, employee promotion, employee rotation;
  • Contact information such as address, email, contact number;
  • Financial information such as bank account, tax number, social security number or equivalent;
  • Information of third party such as reference person, emergency contact person and beneficiary person;
  • Public social media information;
  • Any other information necessary for supporting HR administration and management.

     3. Retention

If employed: collected information will be stored through employment period and for another period of 10 years after employment period ends.

If not employed: collected information will be stored for 5 years in TU Group database for future employment consideration.

     4. Sensitive Data

TU Group will ask for your explicit consent before collect, use and disclose sensitive Personal Data unless TU Group is entitled to collect, use and disclose such sensitive Personal Data by provision of laws e.g. sensitive data of Data Subjects who are in the Kingdom of Thailand and TU Group received such sensitive data before the enactment of Part 2 of Personal Data Protection Act B.E. 2019 (which is 27th May 2020), information disclosed to the public with your explicit consent or to prevent or suppress a danger to life, body or health of the person where you are incapable of giving consent.

     5. Disclosure of Personal Data

TU Group may be required to disclose your Personal Data internally and may need to disclose Personal Data to third party under the following categories:

  • Government authorities such as
    • Department of Labour Protection and Welfare
    • Department of Employment
    • Immigration Office
    • Department of Consular Affairs and Embassies
    • Social Security Office
    • Revenue Department
  • Contractual party which is necessary for the legitimate interest of TU Group
  • Data processing systems or agencies of TU Group for example;
    • o Provident Fund Management Company
    • Cornerstone OnDemand International Ltd,
    • E-Unite
    • Business Plus
    • Workplace
    • Actuary
    • Microsoft
    • SAP
  • Trade partners
  • Certified authorities which TU Group is requested to be certified for its own beneficiary including other auditing agencies
  • Any third party who has legitimate rights to access to your Personal Data

Please be assure that TU Group will disclose your information only to a company or third party with acceptable Data Privacy standard. In addition, TU Group has put in place standard contractual clauses to protect your Personal Data.

     6. Your Rights

As a Data Subject, you have the rights as following:

  • To withdraw consent for the collection, use or disclose Personal Data;
  • To request access to and obtain copy of your Personal Data or to request the disclosure of the acquisition of your Personal Data obtained without consent;
  • To request to obtain Personal Data and request for transferring Personal Data to third party if it can be done by the automatic means;
  • To object the collection, use or disclosure of the Personal Data;
  • To request to erase or destroy Personal Data, or anonymise the Personal Data to become the anonymous data;
  • To request to restrict the use of Personal Data;
  • To request to update, complete and not misleading of Personal Data collected.

You can exercise your rights by sending TU Group an email or sending a written notice to TU Group, attaching a copy of your ID or equivalent details requested. TU Group will be processed such information received in accordance with, and to extent permitted by applicable laws.

Please note that TU Group shall retain our rights under the laws to reject your request in certain circumstances. If TU Group decided to reject your request, you will be notified the reason for such rejection. TU Group will try our best, also with considering technical capabilities to satisfy you with how we process your Personal Data. However, if you have unresolved concerns, you can complain to TU Group or proceed further to the Data Protection Authorities.

     7. Protection of Personal Data

TU Group determines to protect your Personal Data with our security standard and will provide appropriate safeguards to protect your Personal Data in order to ensure that Personal Data will be legally and appropriately collected, used or disclosed.

     8. Changes to Privacy Notice Relating to Collection, Usage and Disclosure Concerning HR Management

TU Group reserves the right to make changes to this Notice to be appropriate and in accordance with the laws. Please frequently check to see any update or change to TU Group’s Privacy Notice Relating to Collection, Usage and Disclosure Concerning HR Management.

     9. Contact

In case that you have any enquiries or would like to exercise your rights or need any help regarding to your Personal Data, please contact Human Resource Department of the company in TU Group which is your Data Controller in order to shortcut and expedited the process. However, in case there is any inconvenient from our priority contact channel, you may send email to HR.DataConnect@thaiunion.com as an alternative communication channel. In such case, please indicate your purposes and provided us your personal information together with an evidence to verify your identity such as employee ID card or ID card. However, TU Group may ask for additional relevant documents or may reject your requested if TU Group received insufficient information.


I certify that all statements given in this application from are true.
If any is found to be untrue after engagement, the company has the right to terminate my employment without any compensation or severance pay what so ever.